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Facebook market place buying tips

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Facebook Marketplace is a brilliant way to get quality second hand items for an affordable price. In this article G Williams - Man & Van offer tips and tricks to help you grab a bargain. 

  • Most Facebook groups, the rule is the first user to comment on the for-sale post gets dibs. However if another buyer gets there first, it may still be worth posting 'can I be next' in the message thread, as unfortunately sales can fall through. 

  • There's nothing wrong with politely negotiating a lower price – especially if a seller has listed an item for some time and there has not been any interest. 

  • You will need to check Facebook marketplace as often as possible; unlike eBay, Facebook does not let you set up alerts for specific items.  It is worth checking at different times throughout the day.

  • Always compare prices what may seem like a "Facebook deal", might be cheaper somewhere else

  • Check your secret message folder for a reply . Facebook uses this folder to prevent spam, unfortunately these messages often end up there, as a buyers or selling is outside your circle of friends.

Now you have these tips and tricks hopefully you next bargain purchase is just around the corner! If you do buy anything from Facebook marketplace and need a little help getting it to your home, contact G Williams - Man & Van! We would be happy to assist. 

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