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How much does storage cost?

Using storage has become a popular option when moving between homes or needing extra space to store belongings. There are a number of different companies offering this facility. G Williams has drawn up a guide below, to help when looking for storage.

When selecting somewhere to store your belongings it is worth considering the following:

Location You may actually be surprised how many storage companies are located close to you; it’s very rare to have to travel more than 10 miles to find some form of storage. Choose a store that is convenient for you and that you are confident is safe and secure. Security Storage centres for the most part have excellent security. Most have CCTV, pin code access,  alarmed units and regular security patrols. Always ask about security, after all these goods are your pride and joy. Convenience Can you access your goods whenever you need to? Are there trolleys? Is there a lift? These are all things to consider when looking at a storage provider. Moving home in particular can be a stress so ensure you aren’t using an operator who adds to this. Access Is this 24/7 or limited? You should always consider an operator offering 24 hour access as you never know when you may need something from your unit. Reputation Have you read the reviews for the company you are looking to use? We always recommend this. So how much does it actually cost? When it comes to price, this can differ by location. Most storage companies will have some form of introductory offer which you can take advantage off. There are also always discounts for prepayment. Some companies may charge a security deposit. You will also be required to insure your goods whilst in storage which your provider will be able to help you with for an additional small monthly fee. If we took the example of a store in the south of England, a rough indicator of pricing would be as follows. Prices are subject to regular change and can differ massively based on availability and seasonality: 16 sqft (Telephone box) = £52

25 sqft (Garden shed) = £72

50 sqft (Half a single garage) = £124

75 sqft (Contents of a luton van) = £146

100 sqft (Single garage) = £186

150 sqft (7.5 ton lorry contents) = £238

200 sqft (Double garage) = £298 Whether using storage short term between house moves or need extra space to store your belongings, G Williams can help collect or deliver. Get in touch for more information or advice.

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