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Moving home checklist

Moving home may seem overwhelming with plenty to be done. We’ve compiled a moving house checklist designed to take you all the way through your move.

Two months before you move

  • If you are renting, make sure you’ve given notice to your landlord. It is worth checking how long your notice period is since you are contractually obliged by this.

  • It is a good idea to start the decluttering process early as it is much easier to get rid of things you do not need before you get to your new place.

  • Notify your internet provider and TV licensing about your change of address.

  • Arrange a couple of removal firms to come and provide quotations for carrying out your home removal.

One month before you move

  • Make plans to transfer your home owner/rental insurance and contents insurance to your new property.

  • Arrange a post redirection with Royal Mail.

  • Create a list of your home’s inventory.

  • Start cleaning outside areas, such as the shed and garden

  • Book your removal company.

Two weeks before you move

  • Packing starts in earnest at this point; anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for the next two weeks (e.g. seasonal items and spare items like duvets or towels) can be packed. Make sure you label all your boxes with their destination room.

  • Look through your cupboards and freezer. Start using up food items that you would not like to transport and only buy perishable items that are essential.

  • Arrange for childcare or pet care for the day of the move if necessary.

  • Register for the GP in your new area.

One week before you move

  • Confirm the exact date, time and location with your moving company and provide them with any additional information

  • Finish packing up the items you have not gone through yet. Make sure you also pack a bag or box that is full of your essentials. See our moving day essentials checklist below.

  • Start disassembling any furniture and shelving and take down pictures and wrap accordingly to protect them and make it easier to load up into your van on the day of the move.

  • Repair any scrapes, scratches, nail holes, or marks in the house you’re leaving.

  • Contact your utility companies e.g. gas, electric and water, to let them know of your moving date and new address.

Three days before you move

  • Do your laundry so that you don’t have to cart dirty clothes to your new home.

  • Label any spare keys and remove all old house keys from your keyring.

  • Make a list of the contact names and numbers of people and services you’ll be needing to sort out in the first few days.

  • Find out when you will receive the keys to your new home.

  • Pack your documents and valuables in a separate box or bag so they don’t get lost during the move.

  • Disconnect any appliances that you’re taking with you e.g. the cooker, washing machine, dishwasher etc.

  • Throw away any leftover food that has an expired date.

  • Take pictures of the back of your electronics before disconnecting them so you can set them up easily in your new place.

  • Empty and defrost your fridge/freezer.

Moving Day

  • Once the removal team have finished loading the van it is worth having one last check of your home before you leave.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are secured.

  • Make a note of all meter readings.

  • Don’t forget your moving day essentials (see list below)

  • When at your new property check that the utilities are working.

  • Once that the removal team have completed the move into your new home, have a walk round with them to check everything is in its new place and if anything needs to be assembled again.

Moving Day Essentials – Packing List

After a long day, hunting around in boxes is not what you need. Here’s our list of essentials to keep separated and on your person during the big day:

Important documents (e.g., passports, marriage license, birth certificates, any records containing bank account information)

Any other valuables, heirlooms or irreplaceable items

Credit cards


Phone and charger

Laptop and charger

Toilet paper

A change of clothes (one for each member of your household)

Snacks and water (for kids and pets)



Trash bags

Paper towels



If you are moving into a new home and would like further advice or a free no obligation quote feel free to contact G Williams.

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