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Moving into your first home advice

Moving into your first home is exciting and challenging; the emotional upheaval and the financial commitments may seem daunting as the day draws closer. In this article G Williams will offer advice on how to make the process as  smooth as possible.

Having your very own place comes with plenty of bills; it is worth creating a spread sheet so you can see what you’re outgoings are on a monthly basis.

Ask friends and family who have experienced moving house to help you create a moving plan; by using this knowledge it will help the move seem less daunting and highlight things you may have overlooked.

Notify the relevant people and organisations that your moving home. If this is the first time you’ve moved, you’ll likely be taken aback by just how many people you need to tell about it.  It is worth writing down a list and using the royal mail redirect service. 

Packing may not sound complicated but it is always worth drawing up a list of items your taking using box numbers.

Lastly once you have moved in to your new home do not forget to call you parents. 

If your moving house for the first time and need a supportive friendly man & van Removal firm contact G Williams we will be happy to offer free advice and a no obligation quotation. 

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