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Moving over the Christmas period – How to Survive the Ordeal

Let’s face it; no one wants to move over the Christmas period. Unfortunately, due to the current situation it is taking longer due to legal requirements, vendors and landlords. If you find yourself filled with the terrors of moving over the holiday season, don’t panic!

G Williams has written a guide to help your Christmas move not turn into the nightmare.

Firstly, be ready for the worst weather; every year we hope for a white Christmas and every year the weather disappoints us (usually by providing a grey, dreary day instead). However, be sure to grit all paths and steps (both at your property and at your new home). That way you’ll avoid any unwanted accidents. Remember to wear warm clothing and pack a kettle and some nibbles to keep your energy up through the day. Check you have cancelled or moved your utilities to your new property; take a meter reading upon arriving at your new property.

Feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do for moving and preparing for Christmas? Focus on moving first and then look at Christmas, very often trying to do two things at once results in both going really badly! If you have a lot to buy for Christmas, make sure that you’ve completed all your shopping well in advance; go online to save time, then get back to planning for your move day. Making sure to check the date the gifts you have ordered are being delivered. To enjoy Christmas in your new home you may want to prioritise getting your tree and a few decorations up, and ensuring that your main living spaces are relatively presentable. You can always hide the many cases and boxes somewhere in a cupboard, corner or spare room.

If you are moving literally days before or after Christmas, look at booking into a restaurant; after all a Christmas dinner is a serious challenge!

If your moving the during the festive period and need help. Contact G Williams for a no obligation quote.

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