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Moving Tips For University Students

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Moving to university is an exciting but challenging time. Whether it is your first year or returning for your 2nd or 3rd year there are many challenges to face when moving to uni.

Having been to university myself, and lived with a number of students thereafter, we have devised G Williams top tips to help make moving to university easy and as stress free as possible!

•Bring your own cleaning products- At university cleaning products are like gold dust.

Invest in Boxes! Boxes are also easier to transport and you can fit into a box than a carry bag. This will save you time and effort on moving day.

•Roll your clothing instead of folding – this takes up less space.

•Store hardware and screws from dismantled furniture in resealable bags or Tupperware boxes to prevent losing them.

•Don’t pack all of your heavy items in one box – you either won’t be able to lift it or the bottom will fall through!

•Reinforce your boxes with brown tape around the bottom edges to safeguard against breaking.

•Put small items, such as jewellery, in your shoes to keep them safe, secure, and to help save space.

•Having a system makes moving a lot smoother.

•Throwing some stuff away makes moving quicker and less labour intensive, which at times can be a blessing. Especially, if there are lots of people moving on the same day. Ask yourself do you need the free tote bag?

Hopefully these tips and tricks put you in good stead and allow you to focus on your future career and new social life!

If you would like anymore advice or a help moving contact G Williams for a free no-obligation quotation.

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