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What to look out for when looking at renting a property UK?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It is getting harder and harder to get onto the property ladder and as a result the rental market is at an all-time high! Meaning there is more competition between potential tenants than ever before. Below is a checklist of  things to consider before signing your tenancy.

How much are the bills and will I need to pay them?

How much is the council tax?

What local amenities are nearby?

What are the neighbours like?

How long is the contract/rental term?

When is the rent due and how should it be paid?

How much is the deposit and is there a holding deposit?

What’s the policy on pets and redecoration?

 Are there signs of damp, such as flaky paint or infestations of any kind?

Are repairs needed?

Is the property fully furnished or do you need to provide the furniture?

Is the property secure – such as windows and external doors?

Has the property ever been burgled or damaged?

Is there central heating? Do all the radiators function properly?

Is there hot water, and good water pressure in the shower? 

Is there sufficient storage space?

Is there any sign of questionable wiring, loose wires on plugs, lights or appliances?

Is there enough kitchen storage and work tops? 

Carbon monoxide detectors are a legal requirement, are they installed? 

Where are the smoke alarms? Do they all work correctly?

Do the windows have locks, particularly downstairs?

Hopefully this list can help you find your new rented home. If you need help moving contact G Williams for a free no-obligation quotation.

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