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Who to notify when you move?

When moving house it is important to let the relevant people and companies know that you are changing address. Below G Williams - Man & Van has created a list of the key organisations you will need to notify.

Services/ Utility Companies

•Insurance companies – By phone or online

•TV, phone and internet providers – By phone

•Gas, water and electricity – By phone

TV Licensing – Online

Financial Services

•Banking – In person, Online

•Doctors/Healthcare professionals – By phone/in person

•Your employer – In person or Onlone 

DVLA – Online

– Online

•Organ donation – Online

•Hire purchase/Buy now pay later/store cards – By phone/online

Do not worry if you think you will forget to notify someone. Royal Mail offer a redirection service. This is useful to ensure that you receive correspondence or bills when moving house and changing address.

If you looking for a removal team or additional help moving home, Contact G Williams Man & Van for a free no obligation quotes.

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